Mathitech Bike Sezana, as an authorized Andreani Service Center, can propose and install all the specific Tuning kits of Andreani Group.


Pro-Impact kit, which is described below, is one of the tuning that for a very affordable cost, offers you greatly improved performance.


PRO-IMPACT is born to permits to easily tune MTB front forks present on the market, from 32 to 36mm, optimizing their functionality according to different terrains and riding styles. It is the result of years of studying the interactions between air and polymers. This kit permits the modify the progression curve and the fork dampening speed in compression and rebound, furthermore it permits to have a more constant functionality of the fork during the use at high intensity and prolonged over time The elastic elements needs to be inserted inside the positive chamber (on air forks) or inside the spring (on spring coiled forks). It is very important to sprinkle them with specific grease that permits an high level of lubrication of the system.


The consistency given by the polymers permits to use a less inflating pressure of the fork positive chamber (on air forks) or to use a spring with less elastic constant (on spring coiled forks) maintaining same forces as static level (see graph) The main feature of PRO- IMPACT is the front fork air chamber volume dynamic reduction, according to the change of pression that is created during the operation. This permits to have a dampening that cancels any kind of vibration you might have on handlebars, maintaining the correct bicycle setting. The purpose is to increase the riding comfort and maintain the tire in constantly contact with the ground, increasing grip and handling.