Suspension Fork and Shock Maintenance and Overhaul




Mountain bike suspension forks and rear shocks require routine service to ensure that they continue performing at their best. They are exposed to the elements and your aggressive, competitive nature so need to be looked after! Mathitech Bikes is a professional team, you can trust us to look after your pride and joy!

As MTB suspension uses oil to control damping characteristics and to lubricate internal parts, it is imperative that it is kept fresh & clean. Seals on these components are designed to keep the oil in and the dirt and water out, but inevitably seals do wear over time and some of these contaminants will make it past the seals and into the oil.

Riding with dirty oil is a sure fire way of effecting how well your bike can perform. It can make the suspension feel harsh and limit the amount of travel and also cause internal wear as dirt & grit move around in the oil. Internal wear can lead to suspension damage and unnecessary expense. Regular servicing can effectively combat this as well as better set-up your MTB for any demands you wish to inflict upon it!

Mathitech Bikes provides the following comprehensive and detailed mountain bike suspension maintenance service. It is all performed taking into account everything including rider weight, ability, most frequent cycling terrain, your thoughts and much more!

Don’t just take it from us though! Most suspension manufacturers recommend servicing forks and shocks annually or after every 100 hours of riding time. We’re happy to help you whenever you feel it is necessary.


Here is what we provide:

  • Full clean of and inspection of external and internal parts
  • Replace common wearable parts including seals, wipers and o-rings as necessary (inclusive in the service charge)
  • Replace glide rings, damper rods, damper cartridges and other internal parts as needed (prices for parts are quoted before work is undertaken)
  • Replace fork & shock bushings if required (subject to your approval)
  • Refill with fresh oil to our recommended oil levels
  • Set air spring or replace coil spring according to your body weight and riding style